Local football teams review proper tackle technique

7:58 PM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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FAIRBURN, Ga. -- Video of the tackle that killed DeAntre Turman show Turman did everything right.

11Alive News decided to air only a portion of the video in hopes that it would continue to place emphasis on safety on the football field.

Fulton Schools provided us with the video only after they got the okay of Turman's family. His death is the talk of football coaches and parents around the state.

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Jamal Lewis, an Atlanta native, played professional football for ten years. He viewed the videotape of DeAntre Turman's tackle at our request. We received the tape with the okay of the DeAntre's family.

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Lewis calls it text book he has reached out to Fulton County schools and plans to speak to each and every team telling young athletes to keep playing by the book.

Lewis said "it's like getting in a car, anything can happen in a car but you have to make sure you're doing everything you can to be safe."

The Fulton County Athletic Director has seen the video and agrees Turman's tackle was no different from thousands of others every Friday night.

Fulton County Athletic Director Steve Craft said although this play had a very tragic result students still have to play the game the right way. And teams all over metro Atlanta are reemphasizing the right way. 

The coach at North Springs high shows how players should lead with their chest when making a tackle.

The Georgia High School Association will review the videotape and other details of Turman's death to determine if there should be any policy changes.

"We try to write the rules to lessen the likelihood of tragedy but no matter how many rules you write you always have the possibility something horribly wrong will occur," said Dr. Ralph Sweringen of the Georgia High School Association.

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