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11:45 AM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Did you really think there would be 200 points scored in the Super Bowl?

I know the playoffs were filled with high-scoring games, but shouldn't this one have been a little different?

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens each had two weeks to get ready for the game, more than ample time to figure out a way to stop the other.

The Niners played like a team that had never seen a forward pass.

Have you ever seen so many passes in the air for so long that weren't intercepted, or at least knocked down? Joe Flacco threw plenty of floaters and connected on most of them.

Hey, San Fran, you were supposed to have a nasty defense, but you didn't show up. Where were you?

And Baltimore, before you puff out your chests, you weren't so good, either.

And please don't give me the excuse that the power outage took away your mojo.

If I recall, both teams had to deal with the power going out and it didn't bother the Niners.

In fact, San Fran came roaring back against another supposed "vaunted defense" in the Ravens and nearly pulled off the comeback.

Defense, the old saying used to go, wins championships. Well, not anymore (and I think we've known this for a long time).

Outscoring the other guy and stopping him just enough now gets it done. I miss good defense.

The Ravens played just enough good defense (and not getting a flag on that obvious holding/pass interference in the end zone was a brutal swallow-your- whistle non-call that will haunt 49ers fans for eternity) to win. Just enough.

But the bottom line is just that. This one will be remembered for the Ravens winning; the lights going out; Ray Lewis, for better or worse; a blown call; and for being a very exciting game.

And while we're talking about the Super Bowl, I think it's time for a day-of- the-week change.

I detest the two-week break after the AFC and NFC championship games, but we're stuck with it.

However, since we are stuck, let's at least make one concession: move the game to Saturday night.

Yes, Super Bowl Sunday has a great and traditional ring to it, but let's make it easier for everybody.

Play it on Saturday night (13 days after the title games) and let all of the fans be able to recover on Sunday.

The NFL could start the game even later on a Saturday, say 8 p.m. ET, which would make the networks happy, and many of us could watch and not have to get up as early on a Sunday, instead of Monday, and that would make us happy.

The NFL and the Super Bowl is so popular there would be little or no backlash to the change. Jeez, the league could play its biggest game on Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. and we'd watch.

The only likely backlash would come from the host city, but that could be dealt with.

Of course, host cities want the game on Sunday night so visitors spend the entire weekend spending money. But I doubt few places would opt out of hosting the game if it was played on Saturday.

If a host city doesn't like it, so be it. Another city will gladly open its doors.

Getting back to the game just played, no, I didn't forget my prediction from the other day. I wish I'd forgotten it, but by now I'm just used to it.

As usual, I picked the wrong team to win in a big way. My call: The Niners win in a blowout and the game is all but over before Beyonce hits the stage.

Instead, well, you know what happened. And, as always, the next time I make a prediction, you know what to do. Run and place your money the other way, you won't be disappointed.

Drew Markol has been a sportswriter and columnist for several Philadelphia- area newspapers for over 25 years.

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