SEC tickets still available from brokers

10:32 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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Four tickets to the SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome December 1, 2012

ATLANTA -- The SEC championship game is sold out, but you can still get tickets.

"As of now, Friday, there's still lots of tickets left," said Amy Stephens. She runs an online ticket brokerage in Smyrna. She's among those who have listed tickets from the Georgia Dome's front rows, to deep into the nosebleeds. The average price, she says, is about $400.

A site called Let's Play Ball listed over 200 tickets mid-afternoon Friday, with prices ranging from more than $1,100 in club level to $252 high above the end zone.

Stephens has only four tickets left. They're in the front row of section 119, at the 15 yard line. "If you bought them right now, you'd pay about $625 for (each of) them," she said.  The face value is $130.

Her tickets have what the SEC calls "holographic foil" on the edge, a marker denoting an authentic ticket.

Stephens says she buys tickets from many sources, including college football fans whose dreams of playing in the SEC championship were dashed by non-championship seasons. "I have a guy that's a Tennessee fan. Every year he emails me: Well, Tennessee's not going again. You want to buy my tickets? So lots of people do that," Stephens said.

Scalpers can also sell tickets outside the stadium but have to stay at least 2,700 feet away from the Georgia Dome, per state law.

Looking beyond the SEC title game, Stephens says Notre Dame's entry into the BCS championship game has already boosted prices for that game. "The prices are Super Bowl-ish," she said. "The Notre Dame people are insane."

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