New policy allows SEC stadiums to show unlimited replays

5:52 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
The scoreboard at UGA's Sanford Stadium (USA Today)
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(USA Today) -- Southeastern Conference football crowds are known for being a bit rowdy. Now, we'll get to see how much they can impact games as the 12th man.

Specifically, we'll see if anything changes when the home crowd boos a controversial call. It's a stretch ... but maybe?

SEC athletic directors approved a new policy that will take effect this weekend, and it will allow schools to show unlimited replays on videoboards. Previously, the SEC had a standard one real-time replay policy for all plays in a game for all sports.

"The change in policy will allow our fans to see more of the action, including great plays and close calls," SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement. "Fans in the stadium now can see many of the same views of a play seen by fans watching on television. This should add to the overall game experience for fans inside our stadiums."

Replays may be shown from the end of a play until the beginning of the next play, except when a stoppage occurs for an official review, according to the new policy. Also, during official reviews, stadium video boards will be able to show replays from the television network that is broadcasting the game.

This is where fans come into play, and we'll see if there are any wild crowds trying to boo their way to a different call.

That may just be wishful thinking. But at the very least fans will get to see the controversial plays more than they would have otherwise and, the hope is, have a better overall game experience.

And, as athletic directors have pointed out before, it's all about keeping fans buying tickets and attending games. It's getting too easy to just watch games at home.

(USA Today)

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