50 Years of Change: Study Guide and Video for Schools

7:10 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA - 11Alive is offering a 25 minutes version of our "50 Years of Change" special for schools.

In addition, there is a Share the Journey Study Guide developed in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE) and aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards. The project came together under the direction of Shaun Owen, GDOE, State Program Coordinator for Social Studies (K-12) Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

EDUCATION RESOURCES | Click here for the special classroom video and resources

The 50th anniversary of the march provides a way to bring life to social studies.

"History classes in the past were dull.  They were boring. We read the book. We answered the questions," said JoAnn Wood, Director of Elementary Social Studies Curriculum for Cobb County Schools.

She believes the events of 1963 off a chance to energize students.

"So many other civil rights anniversaries and other anniversaries are going on this year that we can really capitalize and mine them for rich experience. It's a wonderful opportunity, I don't want us to lose," said Wood.

We at 11Alive didn't want to miss the opportunity either decided to create a study guide.  Wood and several other social studies curriculum directors are helping.

"11Alive is doing a lot of rich activities surrounding some historic events," said Wood. "Working with the Georgia Department of Education to gather ideas from our great amazing teachers throughout the state on how teach this event and other pivotal events that are coming up." 

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