Commuter Dude: Surprise curb encounter prompts promise of change from Cobb County

7:50 AM, Mar 4, 2014   |    comments
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MARIETTA - After a surprise encounter with a curb that left one motorist with two flat tires, Cobb County is taking action on Old Hamilton Road.

In the daylight, Connie Elmer can see exactly what happened.

On that night of the double flat tires, she fell victim to the changes she couldn't see. Her headlights didn't tell her until too late that Old Hamilton was narrowing.

"There was no warning, no sign there," said Elmer. "There was no white line of the side of the road indicating the road was going to narrow."

Near Oregon Park in Cobb County, Old Hamilton Road narrows by about three feet.

"Paint. Please just put some paint out there," said Elmer.

In the same area, Connie and Commuter Dude found other streets that narrowed in the same way. Unlike Old Hamilton, there was paint, even reflectors to warn nighttime motorists.

Commuter Dude emailed pictures to Cobb County, and got a response that very day. A county spokesperson says a DOT crew will add some paint to Old Hamilton to provide motorists with a warning.

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