Commuter Dude: Controversy over plans to widen Forsyth County road

8:32 AM, Feb 20, 2014   |    comments
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CUMMING - Forsyth County Commissioners and some homeowners will clash Thursday night over plans to widen Castleberry Road.

Turning the two lane road into a four lane was first proposed as a part of a Special Local Option Sales Tax that voters approved in 2002. It has been discussed and debated ever since.

In November, 2012, Forsyth County Commissioners voted unanimously to shelve the project until 2016, and to conduct an additional traffic study.

Commissioner Todd Levent stated, "I do not believe the existing and projected traffic volumes on Castlebery Road justify the expense and impact of a four-lane Castleberry Road."

The county has already spent close to $9 million dollars on planning and right of way acquisition. The project would cost another $13 million.

Thursday night, Commissioners will vote on whether or not to scrap an additional traffic study, and move forward with the project immediately.

County commission chairman Pete Amos says there's been growth and development in the area over the past fifteen months.

"We didn't have the money then," says Amos. "Every study we have justifies making it a four lane road."

Opponents like Bob Nycz say Castleberry is not a busy road, and that other roads are in more dire need of improvements.

"There's not a real traffic backup ever," says Nycz. "We can't justify it."

Nycz says opponents would not mind seeing Castleberry widened enough to accommodate a third turn lane.

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