Hilarious video shows Arnold Schwarzenegger undercover

7:04 PM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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Would you recognize Arnold Schwarzenegger if he showed up at your gym?

A bad wig and a fake mustache can't do much to hide the identity of the Terminator. After all, this is Mr. Olympia. The man named "Superstar of the decade". The same man that pocketed $10 million off of Total Recall. But, hidden cameras inside a Gold's Gym show few do recognize him. His training pranks ensure hilarity. 

The video was made to promote a non-profit called After School All-Stars. They support free after-school programs in 14 regions in the United States, including Atlanta. Arnold has teamed up with the group for a fundraiser selling tickets for a chance to ride in his tank. He's matching every dollar donated. 

On his YouTube page, Arnold left a simple message: "I wanted to have a little fun and raise money for a good cause, so I went to Gold's Gym in Venice in disguise. You can help! Please enter for a chance to ride with me on my tank and do some lifts together." With 1.5 million views on YouTube on day two, the effort to get the word out is underway. 

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