11-year-old student accused of pulling knife on classmate

1:57 AM, Jan 14, 2014   |    comments
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Flint Hill Elementary School

OXFORD, Ga. -- A Newton County father is terrified after an elementary school student pulled a knife on his fourth grade daughter. But what's got him really upset is the school's response.

"I was very upset," said Wade Henry. "I didn't want that kid anywhere near mine."

It didn't take long to realize something was wrong after Henry's wife picked up their fourth grade daughter from Flint Hill Elementary School last Wednsday.

According to a police report, Henry's daughter and two other students were in the restroom during an after school program. One of the girls said, "Do you want to see what's in my pocket?" -- and pulled out a knife.

"She was holding it up to her and said, if you tell anybody, I'm gonna kill you," Henry said.

The principal called law enforcement, per district policy. But when Henry asked how that student had been disciplined, he says all the principal would tell him is that she was disciplined according to the student handbook.

The student handbook forbids possession of weapons on school grounds, a school bus or while attending a school event. "Students who break this rule face serious disciplinary action," the handbook reads. "Such as suspension or expulsion."

"It's the 'such as' that gets me," Henry said. "I don't know if they suspended her, if they didn't -- if they did -- for how long?"

The district says they cannot tell the father what's been done to discipline the child due to a federal law which says they cannot release disciplinary action information regarding any student.

A spokesperson with the Newton County Sheriff's Office says they have filed a juvenile complaint against the student, but aside from that, they said all other discipline comes from the school.


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