Reed won't jump on Jason Carter "bandwagon"

7:16 PM, Jan 6, 2014   |    comments
Jason Carter with wife Kate and sons Henry and Thomas, as Carter qualifies to run for Governor of Georgia in 2014
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ATLANTA-- Mayor Kasim Reed said Monday he would not jump on the "bandwagon" to support fellow Democrat Jason Carter, the state senator from Decatur who is running for governor.

Reed, who is a Democrat, has a very warm relationship with Governor Nathan Deal, who is a Republican. Reed says Carter is a "a special politician with unique qualities." But he isn't making an effort to help his candidacy now.

"I'm going to support the nominee of the party. I like Jason," Reed said following his inauguration at a news conference. But "I ran for office twice. And Jason didn't support me," Reed said.

Reed indicated that Carter would have to earn his support. "I'm not a bandwagon jumper. When you offer yourself, you've got to get out here. You've got to go through it. That's what I did," Reed said.

Reed has been mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate in 2018 -- one year after his second term as mayor would end. Carter -- whether he wins or loses this year -- would be a potential 2018 adversary.

Reed didn't talk about that. But that chill wasn't just from the outdoor air.

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