UPS promises refunds for guaranteed delivery

7:26 PM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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UPS employee Eric Brooks scans a package while making a delivery in Washington, D.C. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(WXIA) -- It's back to business for UPS which is hoping to bring Christmas cheer to many customers - a day late along with some compensation.

This will go down as a record year for online sales and that means lots of packages to ship - combined with bad weather UPS was up against it.

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The trucks were moving again but Justin Spence wasn't waiting for his gifts to be delivered.

"They were all guaranteed to be there."

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Instead he showed up at this UPS distribution center.

"One of them I paid Second-Day Rush shipping or Super Express is what is was called and it didn't arrive," Spence added.

UPS was backed up. It's air service overloaded and the company had been hit with bad weather at some distribution centers. UPS told 11Alive it apologizes for the delays and says workers came in Christmas night to sort, to get everything moving again.
And what did Justin order?

"A laptop, a Kindle Fire, and some sunglasses."

The Kindle he got but the sunglasses and laptop did not make it on time.
"It was a gift for my wife," Spence said.

UPS says it's the world's largest shipper and the world's largest online retailer Amazon says it had a record setting holiday season with 36.8 million items ordered worldwide. UPS would not say how much of that business it got but it speaks volumes about the overload.

"I was going to come down here and pick it up on Christmas Eve, the laptop is what it is was. And they said the driver wouldn't get in until after they close, so I couldn't pick it up. So here I am today to pick it up," Spence said. 

UPS is offering to reimburse those with guaranteed air and international delivery. Amazon is offering refunds on guaranteed delivery too and a 20 dollar gift card.

After waiting an hour and a half, Justin got his laptop.
"The wife will be happy," he said.

UPS says it expects to clear the backlog by tomorrow. So again, if your online retailer guaranteed delivery and used UPS, UPS will refund the retailer and you'll have to get your refund from the online store. If you shipped yourself, you have to initiate a claim with UPS.

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