Commuter Dude: Pothole help from a guy who once flew above it all

8:49 AM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA - Now that he's no longer flying high above traffic issues, 11Alive photographer Bruce Mason is helping alert Commuter Dude to hazards like the one he found on Collier Road in N.W. Atlanta.

Mason was once assigned to 11Alive's SkyCam, and was featured as the answer to a question on a Japanese game show.

These days, he gets around by car. Bruce was hustling to a news story when he turned off of Howell Mill onto Collier Road, when his tires went deep into the world of road deterioration.

"I think it's the biggest pothole I've seen," said Mason. "It'll eat your car."
Bruce and I have worked in the same newsroom for twenty five years...

Commuter Dude took pictures and contacted the city. The public works department said others were complaining, and a crew had already been assigned to fix it. Within hours a fresh coat of asphalt eliminated the problem.

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