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"Cabbagetown Christmas miracle" saves Little's Food Store

11:29 AM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- "Cabbagetown is just a small town in the middle of the city," take it from Brad Cunard who owns a business there, "and that's what's special."

Within the last week, he has seen his community rise up to rescue his business, Little's Food Store.

"It feels like a Cabbagetown Christmas miracle," says Cunard with a chuckle.

It is a miracle for someone who has seen this story before, in far more tragic terms.

Ten years ago, a 70-foot oak tree crushed Cunard's moving vehicle, with his wife and two children inside. They died instantly.

At that point, Cunard says, the community helped pick him back up.

"At your lowest, to see people rally around you," he said, "it touches you in such a real way."

Years later, when Brad felt himself shrinking again, along came Little's.

Cunard and second wife Nina took over the classic Cabbagetown building and turned it into an eclectic grocery and grill. But last week, due to the unavoidable high costs of major building repairs, Cunard had to make a declaration on Facebook.

"Little's is closing at the end of December," he wrote.

Cunard says he truly believed he would have to call it quits. His community wouldn't let him.

His Cabbagetown neighbors raised enough money in seven days to enable Cunard to keep Little's going -- at least in some capacity.

He will briefly close the grill but keep the grocery open, and he plans to re-open the grill when repairs are complete.

"That support does mean everything," Cunard says, "and I love the fact that people in Atlanta are that way."

For more on how you can donate to help save Little's Food Store, check out their IndieGogo page.

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