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Cell phone fight bullying or self-defense?

8:08 PM, Dec 5, 2013   |    comments
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CLARKSTON, Ga. -- We always hear about kids falling through the cracks. The mother of a 14-year old arrested for cutting another teen near the eye with a pair of scissors, is one of them.

She says her son has been bullied for years, afraid to go to school, and while she doesn't defend her son's actions, she does call it self defense.

"Unfortunately we only hear about this when it's too late. When someone's been hurt. When someone's dead. We don't hear about it in the beginning stage when you're begging for help," the boy's mother said.

Because the boys involved are minors, we're choosing not to identify any of the parties involved. We'll simply call the mom, Kim.

She says her son is shy, small for his age and that problems at home have left him emotionally scarred.

"He is not violent, he is not the bully, he's not the bad guy. This was purely a self defense measure on his part. It was a bad choice, but it was self defense," said Kim.

On Wednesday his biology class at Clarkston High School had a substitute teacher. Students say things got out of hand.

Kim says a student who stole her son's phone weeks ago, started to taunt him about it. and a fight broke out. A classmate says that's when he grabbed a pair of scissors.

Kim says both students had scissors in their hands and that her son felt threatened.

The district confirms it has met with Kim and her son about problems with bullying before. But a district spokesperson says the school has no record of a phone being stolen or any complaints with that specific student.

Kim says her son told teachers about the problem, but nothing happened.

The policy of the DeKalb County school district is that teachers must document the complaint so an investigation can be conducted.

"I think he just felt, what else is there to do. I have nothing else to lose," said Kim.

The district has yet to release the police report, indicating what investigators believe triggered the attack.

The teen remains in custody. His first court appearance is Friday morning, accused of aggravated assault.

The victim is believed to have a cut under one eye.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

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