Marking 80 years since repeal of Prohibition

5:51 PM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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(WXIA) - Thursday, December 5, marks the 80th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution - best known as the Prohibition Amendment. The repeal allowed the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks in the United States for the first time since 1920.

At this point, nearly a century later, the partial or total ban Sunday sales of alcohol remains in effect in 12 states. Georgia finally repealed its Sunday prohibition on alcohol sales just in 2011, allowing voters to decide whether or not to allow Sunday sales. In most areas of the state, the measure overwhelmingly passed.

There are still hundreds of dry counties across the nation which either partially or fully prohibit the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The government finally realized that the decision to restrict alcohol sales was a policy debacle, which led them to the repeal of the amendment.

"While the government originally envisioned Prohibition to be a 'noble experiment in social engineering,' the effort completely failed to deliver its promised benefits and actually made things much worse," said Peter Cressy, president of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).

Cressy said consumer demand for greater choice has resulted in a heightened awareness of blue laws across the nation, and increased efforts to eliminate those sorts of laws across the nation.

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