Commuter Dude: Drivers frustrated over clogged intersection

7:16 AM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- Commuters who try to get home using Lake Hearn Drive in Sandy Springs often find themselves sitting through one green light after another.

It has happened to Dr. Bob Schultz.

"I sat through five or six light changes, and I'm first in line," said Dr. Bob. "It's crazy."

Dr. Bob Schultz works on Lake Hearn Drive, where it can take 20 minutes to travel a quarter mile to Peachtree Dunwoody Road.

Often, traffic on Peachtree Dunwoody backs up from I-285 through the intersection with Lake Hearn. Commuters on Lake Hearn get the green, but the intersection is jammed with drivers on Peachtree Dunwoody stuck in the middle. Commuter Dude cam watched as this woman had to sit through two green lights.

The Perimeter Community Improvement District is behind an effort to synchronize 72 traffic lights in the area. The group says traffic has already improved.

Off duty police officers man some of the intersections, but not Lake Hearn.

Commuter Dude asked if it was possible to place an officer there to help traffic move.

"We've done that in the past with other property owners, so, we'll talk to the property owners to see if they're interested in financing an opportunity like that," said the CID's Yvonne Williams.

Dr. Bob says he'll gladly contribute.

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