Coyotes visiting areas around Piedmont Park

1:09 AM, Nov 16, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- With gleaming skyscrapers and a bustling urban corridor, the city of Atlanta gets its share of visitors. And more and more of them are coming to town on four legs.

The latest coyote sightings are now coming from the jewel of the city -- Piedmont Park.

"We were sitting downstairs closing down the bar -- it's pretty late -- about 1, 2 o'clock in the morning, and Melissa saw it first. All of sudden she looks out and says there's a coyote outside the door," said Chris Gwin. "And I looked real quickly and he actually looked in. He wasn't scared at all."

The coyote was spotted last week in the same area many people play with their dogs -- the giant esplanade near the Park Tavern restaurant.

"We were inside -- we had big glass doors inside the patio," Gwin said. "He was sniffing around, I'm sure for scraps. It was a busy restaurant with lots of things to find. He was running around like he'd been here before."

Over the last few years, coyotes have been spotted in several intown communities, including those near the park where new trails have been created, exposing what used to be isolated patches of wilderness.

"I haven't seen any in the park and it wouldn't concern me too much," Gwin said. "For the most part, when I've encountered them before they keep their distance -- as long as you don't approach them; as long as they're not too hungry."

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