Adults charged for jumping into fight between students

12:04 AM, Nov 9, 2013   |    comments
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Nzinga Harris, 15, points to where she was kicked in the face.
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  • ATLANTA -- Police have warrants for the arrest of four adults who allegedly jumped into a fight between two girls at Frederick Douglass High School October 28, 2013.

    Atlanta police are not identifying the adults or the nature of the charges against them because they say they are giving them a few days to turn themselves in.

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    One of the girls who were involved in the original fight with another girl said she was kicked in the face and the side by one of the parents. Nzinga Harris' mother said she wanted justice because the parents should have broken up the fight instead of jumping in and attacking her daughter. "I wanted to see justice and I wanted to see these parents, these adults, everyone that kicked her (daughter) in the jaw and on her side to get arrested," said Maisha Harris. "I wanted something done.

    "You would expect an adult that is standing by or is around them not to jump into the fight, but to actually stop it," she added.

    The fight was captured on cell phone video which may have helped police identify the parents who were involved in the fight. A police incident report said one of the witnesses to the fight was a teacher who tried to video the fight with her phone but was attacked by one of the adults. "(The teacher) was trying to hold her phone from the adult who was physically trying to take the phone. The unknown suspect took the phone and then slammed it on the ground breaking the screen to (teacher's) iPhone," the report said.

    "The main thing I learned is everybody's not your friend," Nzinga Harris

    Her mother didn't excuse her daughter from getting into a fight, but said she wanted to send a message. "And that's what I want Nzinga as well as everyone else to realize that you can't just jump into a fight and expect for nothing to be done," Maisha Harris said.

    "When you feel that a challenge is about to arise, whether it be a fight, whether it be someone that's coming at you, to just let an adult know," Harris said. "And if the adult does not take action then we hold the adult responsible."

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