Commuter Dude Cam helps eliminate hazard left by streetcar project

7:37 AM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The arrival of Commuter Dude, camera in hand, helped eliminate a road hazard left by the downtown Atlanta streetcar project.

Viewers alerted Commuter Dude by email ( and on Twitter @commuterdude.

There are signs all over downtown warning drivers about the closed streets and hazards left by the streetcar project.

But Commuter Dude found nothing to warn drivers about the metal manhole cover sticking at least 2-inches above the asphalt at the intersection of Auburn Avenue and Peachtree Center Avenue.

Drivers had to brake or swerve around the hazard.

While there shooting video, Commuter Dude alerted a utility crew working the streetcar project and an Atlanta police officer.

Immediately, a member of the utility crew placed orange cones around the raised manhole cover. A nearby city official made a phone call after she was alerted, and two lanes of Peachtree Center Avenue were closed. Traffic was routed around the hazard.

By Thursday morning, crews had placed a metal plate over the hazard. Construction crews will eventually resurface the intersection.  


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