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Credit scores not required for Obamacare

8:59 PM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Published reports out of Florida are quoting an Obamacare Navigator as saying that Health Care applicants have to provide a credit score before they can finish the enrollment process.

That, says the navigator, could impact premium costs.

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"It's simply not true," says Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield and Georgia Watch Obamacare Navigator Bill Rencher.

Credit scores are not required on Obamacare applications.

"They have to provide some information to confirm their ID, such as social Security numbers, date of birth, their address and also information to verify their income such as income last year on their income tax return because they subsidies to help pay for the premiums are based on income," Rencher said.

Public help sessions, like the one on Wednesday at Atlanta City Hall have been set up to bring applicants, navigators and insurance carriers together to explain the process.

"I am currently seeking individual insurance. I haven't been sick. I'm hoping I don't get sick, but if I have to pay it's going to be costly," said Ike Dendy, as he explored the various health care options at the Open House.

"Probably just getting through the different type of websites form the different companies that are offering insurance," said Rhonda Smith, another applicant.

Yvonne Cowser Yancy, Commissioner of Human Resources in Atlanta said the biggest issues facing applicants, was "understanding what deductible is?"

"What is a co-pay? It's important that we direct people to the navigators who are trained to help explain that process to them," Yancy said. 

Adding to the questions are applicants who can't figure out why they cannot log into -- 11Alive's Jay Watson tried it for almost 6 hours and finally gave up.

Blamed by the Government -- technical and software issues.

The Government says it's working on quick fixes to get back on track.

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