Atlanta man finds bomb relic while gardening

7:12 PM, Sep 29, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA- Those living on Wessyngton Road in Morningside are breathing a little easier knowing the bomb squad is no longer blocking their street.  A man found what appeared to be an old explosive device while gardening Saturday.  When police came to the home, they called out Homeland Security experts along with the bomb squad. 

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"When I stepped outside, the cop said, 'Ma'am go back in your house,' and I was like ok this is actually serious," said neighbor Jenny Lambert.

Old civil war shells are often found underneath Atlanta soil, but this time police think the find is a World War Two-era mortar shell.  They're not sure yet that's true, or if it's a live round.

The man who found the bomb didn't want to be interviewed, but said the whole thing disrupted his football game.  Those living down the street said they trusted police to handle the situation, and weren't too concerned about their own safety.

"The only concern I had was the poor guy handling the bomb, they made sure the rest of us feel alright," Tom Schmitt said.  "If it really is a mortar shell I hope they come out here and see if there are any others!"

The bomb squad searched the property where the device was found, but nothing else turned up.


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