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2013 hot toy lists include ghosts of Christmas past

9:27 AM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Hot toy list is a blast from the past

(WXIA) -- Christmas is still months away. You've already seen the Christmas Creep in advertising and store aisles. Today, parents feel the push.

TAKE A LOOK | 8 Toys that made the lists

Three major retailers -- Toys"R"Us, Walmart, and Kmart -- have released their "hot toy" lists. In past years, the lists have shaped the focus for retailers and parents. Several toys that made all three lists are ghosts of Christmas pasts: Elmo, Furby, Xbox.

American Research Group Inc. said Americans spent $854 on holiday gifts in 2012. Parents are shelling out the most: $271 per child. One in 10 parents say they spend more than $500 per child. Besides a few high-price items, most toys on the lists cost between $29 and $70.

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