MARTA proposes 'Ride With Respect' campaign for enjoyable travel

1:11 PM, Sep 9, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- MARTA has launched a new campaign it hopes will make your next ride enjoyable. 

It is one of the safest transit systems in the country, and the man in charge needs your help to keep it that way. It's all about respect during your ride. 

Around two years ago, a video captured rowdy passengers causing a disruption on MARTA. The ride should have been enjoyable for all on board. 

MARTA's new CEO and General Manager Keith Parker says it's time to ride with respect for other passengers. 

"Part of what we want to do is to really clamp down on that type of uncivil, nuisance behavior so that everybody feels comfortable on MARTA every day," Parker said. 

As a way to increase ridership, Parker is introducing the "Ride With Respect" campaign. 

"The 'Ride With Respect' campaign essentially is holding folks accountable when they use our system," he said. 

The code of conduct that will crack down on what Parker calls "knucklehead" behavior is a proposal he hopes will remind passengers that there is to be no smoking, panhandling, drinking or eating on MARTA.

Riders seem to like the idea. Some said they favor the respect shown on MARTA, and that the transit system is better than others. 

Also not allowed are loud music, weapons and fighting, according to a MARTA customer information representative. 

Retired MARTA bus driver Joyce Parks Walker said, "Anything you do, you do off my bus." 

"You don't disrespect on by bus," she added. "You don't do all that cursing, whatever you do you do it undertone. Don't let me hear it because I will stop the bus and I have stopped the bus." 

The new proposal calls for suspension of seven days to an entire year for some violations. Repeat offenders could be permanently banned from using MARTA.  

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