6-week old twin pandas 'roar', open eyes at Zoo Atlanta

6:55 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Twin boy pandas start to roar, open eyes

Video: 6-week old baby pandas 'roar' is adorable!

The twin boy pandas at Zoo Atlanta are growing stronger (and cuter!) every day as they approach their 'naming day'. 

PHOTO GALLERY| Cubs and mom Lun Lun 

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Today, Zoo Atlanta announced they would have details about a naming contest within days. Lun Lun's cubs are expected to grow 50-75 grams a day. Yesterday, Cub A weighed in at 1.38 kg and Cub B weighed 1.35 kg. 

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Jen W, zookeeper at Zoo Atlanta writes,"Panda cub grunts and annoyed vocalizations are ridiculously cute. They get so moody sometimes and you can't help but laugh!" (Watch the video, you'll agree!)

The twins were born July 15th at Zoo Atlanta.

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