SculpTour brings art, spirit to downtown Suwanee

11:05 AM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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SUWANEE, Ga. --  If you've ever been to the Suwanee Town Center you've been to one of the city's most viewed art exhibits, and you might not have even known it. 

That's because the museums is outdoors, absolutely free and every piece of sculpture us public art.

The "SculpTour" is coordinated by the Public Arts Commission. Fourteen artists have work on display. New exhibits are unveiled every two years. Each piece is scattered downtown as part of a walking tour.

Fred Ajanogha is from Atlanta. His work was chosen for the SculpTour in Suwanee.

"It's a lovely place. I was very lucky to be chosen," he said.

Ajanogha's sculpture of his father fits the family spirit of downtown.

"A fantastic, growing community. I love it down here," he said.

Gregory Johnson's abstract "Crescendo" adorns City Hall. His works appears in public installations across the country. He's seen similar projects bring people outdoors.

"It's up to people's imagination to think about or capture what I'm trying to portray," he said.

That imagination is on display, free of charge, in downtown Suwanee

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