Cell phone scammers target AT&T caller ID

6:29 PM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- An alert on your cell phone and could end up costing you a fortune.

When Gwen Goodman looked at her cell phone, she saw the call was from AT&T Customer Care so she thought it was okay to answer it.

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"They wanted to give me a brief survey, ask a few questions and then they asked that I verify my ID, with the last four digits of my Social Security number, which I gave them, and also with my last name." she said.

"After that I felt like just making sure that I was talking to AT&T, so I logged in online to my account," Goodman added.

It wasn't long before she was in for a shock.

"When I checked my email I noticed that my profile had changed for AT&T," she said.

The scammers had added an international account to Goodman's phone and made $500 worth of calls.

"You've been hijacked and we have been getting customers in because people are closing our number and hijacking cell phone numbers," Goodman said the AT&T store salesperson told her when she visited the store to report the scam.

"If the store people say it's happened before--scams happen every day to when they are brought to our attention we can follow up as quickly as possible," said Lance Skelly of AT&T.

AT&T says it is investigating but so far, no results.  For Goodman there was a good and quick ending.

She was given an immediate credit for the $500 scammed on the international calls. AT&T says it is coming off her bill at once.

For cell phone customers, never believe the caller ID, it could be anybody.

And never give out your personal information.  It is just what scammers are looking for.

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