Sneiderman trial recap: Week #1

2:38 PM, Aug 11, 2013   |    comments
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With the first week of the Andrea Sniederman perjury trial completed, it's now time to look back on what's happened, and what is expected for the coming week.  Sneiderman is on trial for allegedly lying to police about her alleged involvement in an affair with her husband's killer Hemy Neuman.  She has denied the affair from the start. 

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Here is a look at three top moments from the past week to get you up to speed in case you missed anything:

  1.        On Monday both sides began with their opening statements.  Prosecutors said Sneiderman was actively trying to cover up an affair she had with her husband's killer Hemy Neuman.  Sneiderman's defense team said it was a one-sided infatuation, and Sneiderman had no idea how far Neuman would take it.  Testimony opened with hotel staffers who said they witnessed Neuman and Sneiderman "grinding on eachother" as they danced on a business trip, and read a love letter Neuman left for Sneiderman. 
  2.        Sneiderman began to show more emotion than had previously been seen from her.  She teared up as investigators described the crime scene where her husband Rusty had died.  Her husband's father said he had suspected her of involvement in the crime from the start. 
  3.         Sneiderman's former best friend Shayna Citron testified that the Sneiderman marriage had gone cold, that both sides had given up.  Sneiderman's mother said the opposite, that they had a healthy marriage.

Monday the defense will continue cross examining Dunwoody's Deputy police chief.  Earlier this week Dunwoody investigators admitted to making mistakes in the investigation, including not pursuing Hemy Neuman aggressively enough as a suspect early on in the investigation.  

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