Chipper Jones quits Twitter

4:15 PM, Aug 7, 2013   |    comments
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(USA Today) -- Former Braves infielder Larry "Chipper" Jones quit Twitter on Wednesday, citing "too much hate and too many trolls."

It was a great run, and - assuming Chipper can actually pull himself away - he will be missed. By some, at least.

Jones first grabbed the Twitter spotlight in his final season as a Brave, when he took to the social-media site to criticize a Hyatt hotel in New York City because, among other things, the movie channels on his TV didn't work.

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In early 2013, he used the platform to blast his beloved Florida Gators for their poor Sugar Bowl performance.

A few months later, Jones was weighing in on the Rutgers basketball scandal.

The next day, he backed off his statements on Mike Rice's dismissal.

Sort of.

By May, Jones turned his attention to baseball and the Braves. And despite earlier claims that he didn't care when he was called names, he proved oddly (and, given his reputation as an infielder, ironically) defensive.  

Soon enough, Jones ran afoul of much of the Internet with an offensive joke about immigration.

Thankfully for all involved, Jones returned his focus to baseball in July when he shared his distaste for controversial umpire Angel Hernandez.

Now, after a bunch of tweets about hunting and his dinners and Shark Week, Jones says he's done. And that's absolutely his right: Social-media participation is still voluntary, thankfully, and no one should have to put up with so much hate from anonymous Internet users that it outweighs the benefits.

One might point out that Jones played tough guy and insisted he didn't care about harsh words back when he defended Mike Rice. But still, quitting the site is his prerogative, and he was "brought up differently in the ways to be motivated," after all.

(USA Today)

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