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16 year old Benny Davis dies in Lake Dow in Henry County

1:36 AM, Jul 30, 2013   |    comments
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HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- He was just 16, from Albany, GA, visiting friends in Henry County.

And in an instant Benny Davis lost his life in a neighborhood lake.

Benny's friends told first responders "he went into the water and just didn't come back up," according to Henry County Fire Captain Sabrina Puckett.

Benny and his friends were on a short fishing pier at the edge of quiet Lake Dow, behind Pilgreen's Steakhouse restaurant on Lake Dow Rd., just east of downtown McDonough.

The lake is surrounded by tall hardwoods and pines, homes and private docks. Ducks glide across the glassy surface.

The pier is more like a small dock, made of wood and sitting only a few inches above the water.

There is a sign on the pier, posted by the homeowners association, prohibiting anything but fishing at that spot -- no swimming, no diving.

But Benny went into the lake.

"He went off the end of the dock into the water," Capt. Puckett said; she was not sure if he jumped or dove.

According to Capt. Puckett:

At 4:37 p.m., Benny's friends called 9-1-1.

At 4:41, the first rescue unit arrived.

No one could locate Benny.

The Henry County Dive Team was already on the way.

The first diver was in the water at 5:02, and came out at 5:22 without finding Benny.

A second diver went in at 5:25, and located the body at 5:34, 27 feet from the end of the dock where the water is 15 feet deep.

Capt. Puckett said that the official cause of death will be released later.

"On behalf of Henry County Fire Department, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this very difficult time," she said, adding that Benny's death can help save other people. "Any time you're near a body of water that is dark water, you wouldn't want to enter it until you know the depth and if there could possibly be something in the water."

Capt. Puckett said Benny's mother drove to Henry County Monday evening as soon as she was notified.

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