Man charged in Lilburn fatal hit-and-run has history of arrests

4:53 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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LILBURN, Ga. -- Spencer Prigmore is charged with vehicular homicide and DUI, for allegedly driving up on a sidewalk, killing a mother and child as they walked home from the store.

A look into Prigmore's past, shows charges in at least three counties for bad debts, battery, theft, shoplifting and a prior DUI.

But Lilburn police say this time instead of alcohol, it was likely drugs, that contributed to the crash that killed 36-year-old Maria Cervantes Maldonado and 6-year-old  Melissa Cervantes near the intersection of Lawrenceville Highway and Harbins Road.

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Friends say the two were walking back from the Family Dollar store, about a mile away from their home when Prigmore tried to get around another car, and over corrected, running up on the sidewalk.

Witnesses say Prigmore kept driving, until other motorists following him, finally convinced him to stop. 

"He was very emotional, very incoherent as to what was going on. He did appear to be under the influence of something when I saw him," said Lilburn police captain Thomas Bardugon.

The charges may bring justice, but they can't bring back a mother friends say adored her daughter.

"It's terrible because he don't know the pain for the family," said Brenda Rosales, a friend of Maldonado's.

It's that pain that prompted Jenny Jacobs to come to the crash site and say a prayer. She usually walks the path to a nearby park with her granddaughter, but on Thursday, decided it was too hot, choosing to drive instead.

"I mean I do that on a regular basis and yesterday I just had a change of heart to drive. It could have been me and my grand daughter," she said, heart broken that it had happened to anyone.

Police say Prigmroe refused to take a drug test, so they had to obtain a search warrant to draw his blood.  It could take weeks to get the results.

Bardugon says it took nearly five hours for the woman inside Prigmore's car to become coherent enough to tell officers where she lived.  She was eventually taken to a family members house and will not face charges in the crash.

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