Pack of DUI suspects arrested after Clayton Co. crash.

10:06 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Five suspects and possibly a sixth are facing DUI charges Friday night, all of them stemming from the same accident.

It happened on I-75 south in Clayton County just before dawn  after one driver hit a pedestrian crossing the interstate. The idea that a phalanx of DUI drivers travelling together is frightening to say the least. That's a lot of danger to be surrounded by at 60mph.

"I know for most people it's unheard of to hear so many people involved in an accident and so many of them actually being charged with DUI," said Clayton County Police spokeswoman Danielle Rosa.

Even for the police, who arrived on the scene at 75-south and C.W.Grant Parkway, the sheer multitude of drivers charged with DUI in this chain reaction boggled the mind.

Police say most were driving too close and started slamming into each other after the first of them hit the pedestrian.

"Five people were charged with DUI," said Officer Rosa. "Two people were taken to the hospital, including the pedestrian. Seven cars were involved."

The arrested drivers face misdemeanor charges and will spend the night in jail, awaiting a first appearance Saturday morning.
Police say a possible 6th DUI suspect was still in the hospital.

"They had 75 blocked off here at Hapeville," said motorist Katherine Bruce. "We couldn't get on or off the exit. It's just ridiculous; people need to stay home when they drink."

Bruce was one of those who had to make her way around the accident site friday morning as she left work. She says accidents in this area are not uncommon. Because the drunks behind the wheel are very common.

"Exactly, that drunkness," she said. "That's all it is, swerving from side to side. They act like they don't know how to drive at all, like they don't have a license. I mean where these people getting their license from is beyond me."

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