Drizzle, drench or dry. The weather can't make up its mind.

6:50 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The weather just can't seem to make up its mind and like the rain which comes and goes, so goes the damage.

Crews worked overnight and into late Friday to fix the damage to power lines along Benjamin Mays in SW Atlanta.

Georgia Power says seven poles had to be repaired after a large oak caused a chain reaction of weather related damage on Thursday.  

Neighbors say a driver that failed to see the tree in the road, ran into it.  Shortly after, another tree fell onto the roof of the Irene Court apartments.

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Jacqueline Thomas says it shook the entire building.  About 200 homeowners were without power overnight.  Thomas has yet to fall asleep.

"Now the chainsaws are going on, so there's no possible way to get sleep until everything's quiet," said Thomas.

Welcome to the new sounds of summer. But if it was quiet you were after, you only had to go to Alpharetta's Greenway, closed after Big Creek swallowed the trail.

The water crested at nine inches above flood level, forcing a YMCA kids camp to find another place to play.

"It can get high and so we're well versed at watching the creek levels as well as the weather and then moving the children after adjusting their activities," said YMCA director Nicole Lawson.

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