Evening storms flood Clayton neighborhood

6:23 AM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Heavy rains inundated a flood-prone Clayton County neighborhood Monday, leaving residents scrambling to assess the damage.

It was a familiar if frustrating scenario for Alberto Ortiz who says his home has flooded repeatedly in the two years he's lived there.

"Usually, it's not this bad. But the water came rushing in," Ortiz said referring to water stains 3 feet high on the outside of his house.

Ortiz says a creek which runs behind his house was responsible for the flooding. He says the creek often gets clogged with debris and tree limbs, causing it to overflow its banks.

The Clayton County Public Works Department brought in a tractor to clear the debris. Work crews succeeded in lowering the floodwater several feet.

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