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Stunning rescue: EMTs push patient uphill to hospital

7:21 PM, Jun 4, 2013   |    comments
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POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. -- In a recent rescue, a pair of Cobb County emergency responders didn't just think on their feet.

They ran with them.

Powder Springs resident Manny Piri had spent last Wednesday working on his lawn in the afternoon heat. He went back inside his home and, shortly after, had a heart attack.

"It started going down my arm," Piri recalls, "and my arm was numb, and my fingers were tingly."

Vicki Borgia and Chris Gudaitis have only been partners a few months at Puckett EMS. They responded to the call and took Manny toward WellStar Cobb Hospital.

What happened next surprised everyone: their ambulance stopped.

"It must have been some type of engine failure, I'm not sure," Gudaitis said.

They found themselves 300 yards from the entrance to the hospital.

Gudaitis said, "I looked up the hill, and my initial thought was, 'That's a very long way.' We decided as a team to pull that man up the hill."

With the next ambulance minutes away, Borgia and Gudaitis took on the hill. They got Piri to the operating room just as he went into cardiac arrest -- just enough time to save his life.

Six days later, Piri is home -- and extremely grateful.

"They'll say it's part of their job and everything, but they kind of went above and beyond their job, pushing me up that hill," he said.


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