High school senior of Calhoun gets graduation surprise

1:44 PM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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CALHOUN, Ga. -- High school graduation is a special time for anyone, but on Friday, one Calhoun senior had an extra reason to celebrate.

Those final exciting minutes before high school graduation - for the 194 seniors at Calhoun High, they're filled with pictures, hugs and last-minute wardrobe adjustments.

Among the group, senior Kirsten Davis said it's a really special day. 

Davis is on the school's golf team, and thought 11Alive News was interviewing her regarding her sports scholarship. However, that was not quite it. 

Two of her family members, who also serve the United State Military and Army and haven't seen her in a while were in Calhoun  to surprise Davis. As far as she knew, their duties were keeping them from attending her graduation. 

Davis' uncle, Sgt. Scott Ledford, said, "That's the one thing she told me she wanted - was for me to be at her graduation, and I told her I would do everything I possibly could to do that."

Back in the auditorium, it was less than an hour before the graduation ceremony. While Davis and her fellow students were in place, the side door suddenly opened and Davis picked out two very familiar faces. 

When she walked across the stage to get her diploma, she knew there were two more very special voice cheering in the crowd. 

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