13-year-old boy abducted after getting off school bus

12:30 AM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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Palmetto police patrol near abduction site
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  • PALMETTO, Ga -- Palmetto police are looking for a man who abducted a 13-year-old boy after he got off his school bus Wednesday afternoon. The boy's father called police when his son didn't make it home from school. "It was heart aching," the father said. "I love my son and I just didn't know what was going on, he didn't call and I didn't have no way to call him."

    Both the boy and his father talked to 11 Alive News but didn't want to be identified. The father talked about how worried he was about his son. And his son talked about being abducted and eventually escaping from his captor.

    "I was real worried," the father said. "At first I thought he was playing outside and then all kinds of stuff started rushing through my head."

    The 13 year old boy said he just got off the bus and was walking down the street to his Carlton Ford apartment when a man came up from behind him. "And he covered my mouth with his hand and really it felt like he had a glove on," he said.

    He said the man forced him into a pickup truck and drove off. It wasn't until about ten hours later that he was able to escape. He said the man eventually drove him to the vacant Shannon Mall in Union City where he took him into a wooded area. "In the woods I said 'why you doing this to me'," the boy said.

    Ten hours after he was abducted the boy was found by Union City police sleeping on a bench near the old mall. "Oh man, I was happy, I was real happy," his father said. "I was grateful to get my son back; I couldn't't even put in words how grateful I was."

    The boy said he escaped from the man while they were in the woods. He said the man was distracted by a rustling in the woods. He thought it was a bird, or a squirrel. "And I started to run and every time I looked back he was back there, right there after me, but the last time I looked he wasn't there," the boy said.

    Palmetto police are still talking to the boy trying to find out what happened during the ten hours he was missing. "All of the preliminary investigation appears to be factual at this time," said Sgt. Lee Gragg.

    The suspect was described by the boy as a dark-skinned black male, 20-30 years old, 6-0' to 6'3" tall, with short hair and a muscular build.

    The boy said he was driving a green Ford pickup truck with black interior and he noticed the license plate was dented.

    Anyone with information about the suspect should call the Palmetto Police Department at 770-463-9068 or 770-820-7324.

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