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Athens police warn residents of DEA phone scam

5:07 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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ATHENS, Ga. -- The Athens-Clarke Police Department is urging citizens to be cautious of possible Drug Enforcement Administration scams in the area.

Authorities have received several complaints lately, an official said, from residents who are getting calls from people claiming to be DEA agents.

In one complaint, the caller addressed the victim by her first name. The caller then told her she was under investigation for federal drug trafficking charges.

According to the victim, this was not the first call of this type. She told police that several calls had come her way before. She usually hung up the phone, but this time, she told the caller she was going to police to report the call. The caller, she said, immediately hung up.

The victim finished the conversation, but told police she thought the caller would have asked for some form of payment to "drop" the charges.

Athens police said officers and agents will not call, requesting a payment to "drop" charges, and that charges can only be dropped after the case has gone through the court system.

Residents are advised to always withhold bank account information, along with that of credit and debit cards and Social Security numbers.

If unknown callers identifying themselves as law enforcement reach a household, the person taking the call should demand their name, agency name and telephone number. After getting that information, a call should be made to confirm the identity is legit.



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