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HELP DESK: Protect your ATM identify

12:36 AM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- As a major ATM security breach continues to unfold in Coweta County, there are precautions you can personally take to help protect your identify from thieves who are netting over a billion dollars a year by stealing your identity.

Check out the ATM itself and make sure it has mirrors on either side so you can see who may be behind you and how close they are.

ATM users like Greg Morton do just that.

"If I come up to one I want to make sure it is a well lit area and I want to make sure I am not by myself--that other people are around. It gives me a sense of comfort about using it," Morton said.

Check for a video camera that records every ATM user and when you start to use the ATM keyboard, make sure you can type with normal pressure.

If it's too hard to hit the keys, there may be a false keyboard underneath installed by an ID thief.

And the same thing for the card slot.

If it is difficult to insert the card, there could be an illegal reader inside, installed by a thief, and recording your personal data.

Memorize your PIN so it cannot be taken from a piece of paper or from your smart phone.

Keep all of your transaction receipts, leave nothing behind.

And stay away from stand-along ATM machines in isolated areas.

Although you cannot personally control a security breach of a computer system, you can do a lot personally to guard your ATM identity.

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