Search warrants: Newtown massacre took 5 minutes

10:35 AM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
Balloons in front of a sign at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Dec. 15, 2012 (Getty Images)
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(USA Today) -- Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, guns, knives and three samurai swords were among the items seized from the home of Newtown, Conn., school killer Adam Lanza in the days after the tragedy, search warrants released Thursday revealed.

The warrants say Lanza killed 20 students, six adults and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School within five minutes. His body was found dressed in military garb and a bullet-proof vest.

Before the school massacre, the 20-year-old Lanza fatally shot his mother, Nancy, in the home they shared.

The four warrants involve searches at the Newtown home on Yogananda Street and for the black Honda Civic that he drove to the school on Dec. 14. The warrants were sealed for 90 days in late December.

Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky asked Judge John Blawie to seal certain information, including the identity of a witness and undisclosed items obtained during the searches, for another 90 days.

Not all the items seized from the home were weaponry. Among the other items:

Item #71 - Receipts and emails documenting firearm/ammunition and shooting supplies.

Item #81 Paperwork titled, "Conncticut Gun Exchange, Glock 20SF 10mm FS 15 round FC," dated 12/21/11

Item #83 - Email re: dated 10-12-11.

Item #85 - Printed photographs, misc. handwritten papers, and Sandy Hook report card for Adam Lanza

Item #86 - "Look me in the eye - My life with Asbergers" book, "Born on a blue day - inside the mind of an Autistic Savant" book, "NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting" book.

(USA Today)

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