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Coyotes attack pet goat in Alpharetta

11:32 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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ALPHARETTA Ga. -- A couple is mourning the loss of their pet goat, Charro, after it is believed coyotes jumped a five foot fence to attack her.

Thursday night, Charro was in the backyard in a fenced enclosure.  The next morning when owner Linda Clement went to see her, she found the goat's carcass partially eaten.

"I just couldn't breathe. We've had her 12 years," said Linda.

Linda's husband, Gordon, realized quickly something was wrong.

"I could see her running toward the house crying. She said Charro died and I started crying too," said Gordon.

Normally, Charro's companion goat, named Cheeva, would have been in the pen with her but was in the enclosed barn instead.

"Cheeva has been isolated because she's recovering from a leg injury.  I keep wondering if the coyotes attacked because they saw Charro was by herself," said Linda.

According to the The Department of Natural Resources no one keeps a record of how many calls about coyotes they receive but it is the number one nuisance complaint they get.

Still, there is no program to get rid of coyotes. Some homowners' associations hire companies to trap the predators but others usually move into the territory.

"Doing anything would be better than nothing. How bad does it have to get? What if one kills a little boy," asked Gordon. 

For the Clements, losing one pet is hard enough. Cheeva will likely spend most of her days in the secured barn, at least whenever the Clements aren't standing out in the enclosure with her.

"I couldn't bear for this to happen again," said Linda.

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