It's the season for lice

6:37 PM, Oct 22, 2012   |    comments
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SANDY SPRINGS, GA. -- Parents know the stigma that accompanies head lice.

Elimilice, a lice removal salon in Sandy Springs, has never been busier.  But most of the clients are embarrassed, and the last thing they want is for even more people to know they or their children have lice.

Elimilice owner Eileen Fishman began the company, after personal experience with her then 5-year-old daughter.

"I looked down and she has this little cowlick and I could see adult lice crawling, and I freaked out, which is why I think I'm so sympathetic to our parents because I had this terrible experience", Fishman said.

After three bouts with lice and over the counter products that didn't work, Fishman opened Elimilice, where the bugs and eggs are removed by comb and by hand, one strand at a time, an intensive process that runs more than $100.

Fishman says lice have developed resistance to many over the counter treatments, and now is the time of year that lice are going around.

So here is Fishman's advice.

Invest in a good lice comb; "If you comb your children once a week with a lice comb, you will never have a full case of head lice because you'll pre-empt them."

The preventive sprays do work; "I've seen them work in a research setting and I can tell you they work anecdotally because I use them with my own children."

And if your daughter has long hair, it should always be worn up; "Hair that is not swinging is less likely to contract the bug."

Fishman says, of the people who come in for the $10 head check, three quarters do not have lice.  And if your kid is in the unlucky minority, here's the silver lining, you've got a child who has very close, physically close friends.

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