Old Navy's T-shirt flub makes Texans '1961 AFC Champions'

6:10 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
An image on the front of a t-shirt for sale at Old Navy makes the mistake of calling the 10-year-old Houston Texans 1961 AFC Champions (USA Today)
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(USA Today) -- According to a T-shirt for sale at Old Navy, the Houston Texans won the 1961 AFC Championship, a remarkable feat for an organization that didn't exist until 2002 and a conference which wasn't around until 1970.

The shirt, which was sold at some locations in Houston, meant to honor the 1961 AFL champion Houston Oilers. That team moved to Tennessee in 1997.

The AFC wasn't created until after the NFL-AFL merger.

Old Navy is a fine place to buy affordable clothing. The store's work in the movement to bring back capri pants has been nothing short of heroic. But if you're going to Old Navy to buy your NFL gear, then buyer beware. It's like getting a video camera from 7-11 or a package of steaks from a gas station. Just because they have specific products at specific stores doesn't mean you should be getting them.

ESPN reported Old Navy will pull the shirt from stores and its website. Then company officials will get back to watching replays of the 1927 World Series between the Cincinnati Bengals and United States 4x100 medley relay team.

(USA Today)

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