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Goose swims and flies with arrow through neck

9:29 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- Looking at pictures taken by Johns Creek resident Allison Elam, it's very clear the Canadian goose is lucky to be alive. It has an arrow stuck clear through its neck, just below its head. Yet over the weekend, it not only swam around in Spratlin Lake, it evaded animal rescue workers.

"They got the goose cornered and it ran up on the land, and it actually ended up flying away," Elam said. "That was quite amazing to see the goose flying with an arrow through its head, and it was doing a pretty good job, too."

Elam and her family had been concerned for the goose since they first saw it in their part of the lake Saturday. Her three kids were hoping the rescue workers could catch it. Even though they haven't seen him since he flew away Sunday, they're hoping he's still out there.

"I'm hoping he's just swimming and he's still alive and not dead," said Ashley Elam. "Because I hope we can help him."

Although it is not the department's responsibility, a Johns Creek police officer has gone door to door in the neighborhood to try to find out who might have shot the goose. Department of Natural Resources officers said they hadn't received a call yet. But they have tried to catch geese under similar circumstances before.

"It's not easy," said DNR Wildlife Biologist Don McGowan. "They pick up on the fact that someone's trying to catch them, and they stay out of arm's-and net's-length."

Interestingly, McGowan said the arrow would have been a legal shot just a week later. The open season on Canadian geese begins September 1st.

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