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PHOTOS | They tried to get WHAT through security?

2:10 PM, Jun 13, 2012   |    comments
  • Grenades were found the week of May 4 at Tampa and Savannah, a tomahawk was taken from a passenger in Denver, knives were confiscated at LaGuardia, Detroit and Oakland. The big prizes that week were the spear gun grabbed in Raleigh and a biohazard bag taken in Austin.
  • A simulated plastic explosive used for training were grabbed the week of May 11 at Destin-Fort Walton Beach. Throwing stars and knives were popular that week and confiscated in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and Newark. A mace gun and canister were taken from a passenger in Newark as well.
  • One inventive individual in Providence took a gun apart and hid the pieces in three stuffed animals that his child was carrying. It didn't work. The gun was taken, and the man was arrested.
  • A cane sword was confiscated in April from a passenger in Phoenix, and one passenger in Los Angeles tried to get a throwing star through in his wallet.
  • In early May, officers in Salt Lake City and at LaGuardia Airport in New York confiscated throwing stars.
  • The week of May 4, TSA officers at JFK Airport in New York noticed a knife mounted on a wheeled walker.
  • The week of May 18, fireworks were taken from one passenger in Newark, a smoke grenade was confiscated in Las Vegas and a couple of large knives were grabbed at Ontario Airport in California and in Austin.
  • A cane saw was picked up in New York, a perfume grenade was taken in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico - passengers in Puerto Rico are also subject to TSA searches - a knockout purse was picked up in Raleigh, a cane sword was taken in San Francisco, and a grenade was confiscated in Tampa.
  • Stun guns have been picked up recently in Detroit, Salt Lake City, Anchorage, Jacksonville and Philadelphia
  • One passenger tried to carry a couple of swords on board an aircraft in Salt Lake City.
  • A knife that looks like a compact version of Klingon Bat'leth was picked up from one passenger at New York's LaGuardia. No word on if the passenger was a trekkie or not.
  • Fireworks hidden in a 'gift horse' and drugs hidden in a Coke can and a jar of jam were taken from passengers in Honolulu, Florence, S.C., and at LaGuardia.
  • Big guns were taken from passengers in Shreveport and Salt Lake City the week of June 1.
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As thousands of passengers go through security checkpoints every day, Transportation Security Agency officers keep a watchful eyes to make sure nothing dangerous makes it through. Still, people try to get some very creative things through.

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