Jon Stewart show visits Romney backers in Ellijay

8:18 PM, Jan 13, 2012   |    comments
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Producer Oren Brimer (left, against wall) watches Joe McCutchen and Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal enter Poole's BBQ in Ellijay

ELLIJAY, Ga. -- By now, Ellijay residents have grown accustomed to the huge Romney for President banner at Poole's BBQ. And they're accustomed to the almost crushing enthusiasm of local activist Joe McCutchen for the now unquestioned Republican frontrunner.

"Romney will be elected. He'll be the greatest president in history," McCutchen, a radio and TV host gushed while at lunch at Poole's.  "We want to make Ellijay the number one town for Romney in the United States. And I think we'll accomplish it."

McCutcheon says that whenever he can.  11Alive produced a a story on it in November.  And he's said it enough to draw national attention.  A TV crew had arrived Friday morning from New York.

"The piece is about Romney supporters," said producer Oren Brimer. "And the media has portrayed Romney supporters as reluctant.  And these guys are anything but."

The producer sure sounds like a news guy.  He's shooting a piece for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a nightly comedy that spoofs a newscast and airs on Comedy Central.

Many patrons at Poole's were unfamiliar with the show.  Its depictions of real people and especially Republicans can be a little rough sometimes.

"I hope they don't make fun of Ellijay or the people here or Romney or that type of thing," said Ed Singleton, another Ellijay resident for Romney.  "I hope it's a serious type show."

Brimer said the segment would not make fun of Ellijay.  "Our aim is just to be funny. It's not to make fun of anyone."  Brimer was there with correspondent Al Madrigal, who was field reporting for the comedy show for the first time. Two videographers and an audio tech accompanied them.

The Daily Show crew spent all day in Ellijay and spent three hours interviewing McCutcheon for a piece likely to air before the South Carolina Republican primary.

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