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Americans say they are 20 pounds heavier now than 20 years ago

4:00 PM, Nov 29, 2011   |    comments
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(WXIA) -- A new Gallup poll says that on the whole, Americans admit to being about 20 pounds heavier than in 1990.

According to the poll, American men will admit to being 196 pounds on average, while women will admit to being 160 pounds. Both figures are up about 20 pounds over 1990.

The poll also notes that the so-called ideal weight that Americans want to be is also up, with men wanting to be about 181 pounds and women wanting to be about 138 pounds.

In comparison to their actual weight versus their "ideal" weight, the average man weighs about 15 pounds over their ideal weight today, in comparison to 9 pounds over in 1990. Women, on average, are about 22 pounds over their "ideal" weight as opposed to about 13 pounds over in 1990.

The results came from Gallup's annual health and healthcare survey, conducted in early November.

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