Griffin company boosts local economy

10:57 PM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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Caterpillar's Griffin Engine Facility
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GRIFFIN, Ga -- There's some good news about the economy for some metro Atlantan's. The city of Griffin and Spalding County got great news from Caterpillar, Incorporated. The company is going to add 200 new jobs as part of a $120-million dollar expansion at their Griffin facility.

The Caterpillar Griffin Engine Center assembles engines and generator sets for more than six different engine models. "When Caterpillar first came to our community, the initial investment was less than fifty percent of what they are investing now," said Chuck Copeland, the Chairman of the Griffin-Spalding Development Authority. "This investment by far and away exceeds anything we've ever had in the way of capital investment in the community."

The Griffin Caterpillar facility employs as many as 700 workers. The company moved into Spalding County in 1998. The $120 million capital investment will be put into machinery, equipment and upgrades to the existing facility.

Copeland said that money translates into tax revenue for the community. "School taxes to help educate that work force that Caterpillar will need as well as taxes that provide essential services to the community," he said.

Copeland said the benefit to Spalding County is much bigger that just 200 jobs. "There's the multiplier effect of those jobs and the fact that those people will be in our community, buying houses, shopping in our stores generating other sales tax revenue," Copeland said.

A spokesperson for the company said Caterpillar has a great relationship with the state and local officials. "This location has been very successful to us because it keeps us close to our customers and supply base," said Rod Shurman, Griffin Engine Center Facility Manager.

The Griffin-Spalding Development Authority says it is the largest capital investment made by a company in Spalding County History. The best way to apply for the 200 new jobs is to contact the Georgia Department of Labor.

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