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Georgia pounded by storms

7:57 PM, Mar 28, 2011   |    comments
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Lightning illuminating the night sky (Flickr:tomebug)

ATLANTA -- March Madness can refer to more than just basketball.  This weekend's weather was very wet and stormy, and Monday, too, started off just as wild as the weekend.

Driving rain snarled traffic and caused a number of accidents including a major crash this morning involving a tractor-trailer and six cars that blocked Highway 78 in Stone Mountain.

Lightning also wreaked havoc sparking a few residential fires.  In DeKalb County, damage was done to the Alden Ridge Apartments while fire from a lightning strike destroyed a garage in Lithonia.

Gusty winds left their mark as well, toppling trees and powerlines.  At one point, over 4,000 people lost power through the Atlanta metro area including hundreds of Sandy Springs residents when a large tree crashed to the ground taking powerlines with it early Sunday.

Hail, too, was a big weather story this weekend.  In fact on Saturday, hail the size of baseballs and grapefruit clobbered Coweta County smashing car windows in Senoia and Moreland.

All in all, the fierce storms the past few days have caused a lot of headaches and anxious moments, but some good has come from this latest rash of rough weather.  The heavy rain has all but erased Atlanta's rainfall deficit.  Since the rain started this weekend, nearly 3 1/2 inches of rain has soaked the Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 

Also on a positive note, the pollen count is much-improved.  After seeing pollen levels soaring over 3,900 last week, today's pollen count for Atlanta dropped to 202.

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