Pirelli Schedule

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The Hope and Weather Tour welcomes any school to participate that is within 20 miles of our station (downtown Atlanta---this is due to achieveing a signal for our live broadcast). The presentation will last approximately one hour from 11:30am-12:30pm, and will include being live on our 12pm newscast. Any and all students from your school, 2nd-6th grade, are welcome to attend. You need to be a teacher or school administrator to make the reservation.

If your school is not located within 20 miles of Atlanta, but would still love to have an 11Alive Meteorologist come teach your class about the weather, you are welcome to sign up for a "Weather Team Visit". Those can be scheduled any time of day (as they do not involve a live broadcast), and do not have to meet the requirement of being within 20 miles of our station.

11Alive Weather Visits will be available for reservation in January.

Hope and Weather Tour

The program has two parts; one involving our Meteorologist Chesley McNeil, teaching children about the science of weather and weather safety. The other part is using Pirelli to teach children that just because you look different, doesn't mean you aren't important. Pirelli represents everything our morning show stands for - hope, kindness and helping people. Born without a foot, he will be a powerful example of hope, learning about acceptance and understanding.