John Mark Karr: New Name, New Troubles

11:29 PM, Jun 8, 2010   |    comments
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Alexis Reich, the former John Mark Karr

Sandy Springs, GA -- You know him as John Mark Karr, the man who falsely claimed he killed JonBenet Ramsey. Officially his name has been changed to Alexis Valoran Reich.

Sandy Springs Police said he was back at his family's home in Sandy Springs long enough to be served with a restraining order filed by a former student of his.

Samantha Spiegel, who met Reich (Karr) when she was 9 years old and he was her substitute teacher, said he is going to have a sex change in order to get closer to little girls.

Wexford Karr, Reich's father, said his son spent about a week at his home but never told him he changed his name. "I call him John Mark Karr," the older Karr said. "That's what he was named when he was born."

The restraining order was filed in San Francisco by Spiegel who claimed on the Today Show that Reich (Karr) threatened her in e-mails. "And I think it's important for people to have awareness about what a person like John (Alexis) is capable of," she said.

Wexford Karr said he read about the restraining order in the newspaper, even cut out an article about his son. He scoffs at claims his son is dangerous. "Dangerous?" He asked. "Does my son look dangerous?"

Sandy Springs Police served the restraining order at Reich's father's house on June 3rd. Lieutenant Steve Rose said the police department is inundated with calls from neighbors every time Reich visits his father's house. "In this situation we're just more or less the messenger of a restraining order out of California," Lt. Rose said.

Ed Bailey, who lives in the Karr's neighborhood, said people have always been aware of his presence. "Yeah, everybody's a bit uneasy if he's back in the neighborhood," he said. "We have a lot of young kids and families are a little up in the air."

Reich's father said his son stayed at his house about a week and left the day after the restraining order was served when the media showed up at his door.

Reich (Karr) made headlines in 2006 when he falsely claimed to have killed JonBenet Ramsey. Boulder, Colorado authorities cleared him when his DNA did not match the DNA found on the young beauty queen's body.

Now a former student is putting him back in the headlines. Reich's father was asked if he believed the girl. "She's 18 years old, so the article said, I think she's wanting notoriety," he answered. It's something his son, Alexis, has also been accused of.

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